Serbian Countryside Struggling to Survive

The eligibility criteria for the public farm lease tender demonstrate a sincere desire of the government to please profit making interest of the large companies. Small independent farmers find it increasingly difficult to survive under the pressure put on by their competitors, which leads to further deterioration of the living conditions in the countryside.

I am a Socialist: An Interview with Leo Panitch

The devastating crisis, globalized in 2008, shook the ruins of the left’s tradition. Its chipped elements start to configure into new wholes. This would not be possible without the numerous communities, social movements and individuals who did not stop to dream the real utopia of solidarity, freedom and equality, and acted with the aim to realise it....

Social Transformation Needs an Open End

Dario Azzelini is a theoretician and political activist splitting time between Berlin and Caracas. He recently stayed in Belgrade to participate in the conference “Let’s bring socialism back into the game“. That gave us an opportunity to talk about different topics he addresses in his work – ranging from the question of Maduro’s election loss, the interrelation...

Working for GEOX in the 21° century – The case of Serbia

  The video “Working for GEOX in the XXI century — the Serbian case” brings testimonies of workers about their experience working for the company and its consequences. On the working conditions in the GEOX factory in Vranje you can read our article here, and the report conducted by the campaign “Abiti Puliti” and the initiative “Change your...

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