After Erdoğan’s Narrow Victory

Erdoğan and AKP have won another election in Turkey. The electoral process and the rhetoric of the ruling party, as well as the notable economic crisis, show that the Turkish state will tighten its repressive nationalist policies.

Belgrade City Assembly elections 2018

Mašina is covering the on-going Belgrade City Assembly elections. Comments written by our editorial board, reports from the election headquarters, commissions and organisations overseeing the elections coming soon! We’re on it!

Our Task is to Shift the Perspective

Katja Kipping, co-chair of the German party The Left (Die Linke), recently visited Belgrade to get informed about local political circumstances and prepare for German parliamentarian elections in September. The Left’s delegation focused on visiting spaces and organizations that logistically and infrastructurally serve the refugees of whom a large number is attempting to reach Germany. This group...

Protest in Serbia: rising dissatisfaction with degrading living conditions

The outcome of the presidential elections in Serbia sparked protests throughout the country. What started as a demonstration of dissatisfaction with electoral results, is now showing signs of improved political articulation. On April 2nd Aleksandar Vučić won the presidential elections in Serbia. There was no widespread optimism about prospects of the opposing candidates, but the 55% support, which...

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