Growing dissatisfaction of the Zijin company workers

Around fifty workers from China, dissatisfied by their working conditions, started a protest the day before yesterday in front of the headquarters of the Zidjin company, in which they are engaged. At the same time, the “Nezavisnost” trade union, present in the company, announced that according to the new collective agreement, the management of Zidjin plans to abolish numerous employee benefits, reduce pay for night work and abolish holidays financial support.

Post of Serbia’s workers demand fairer wage distribution

A large number of Post of Serbia workers continue the work stoppage they started two days ago. The reason for dissatisfaction are low salaries and the management’s wage increase proposal, which many workers deem unfair. After the main postal center in Zemun was blocked on Monday night, a series of stoppages in postal units in many cities across Serbia followed. Delivery workers and drivers are most likely to suspend work, while counter clerks joined at different locations.

Threats of dismissals cause the strike in Post Serbia to end

The self-organised workers of Post Serbia and the Serbian government signed an agreement, thus ending the strike in the company. The agreement guarantees partial improvements of the workers’ financial condition, without actually fulfilling their demands.

Textile workers in Smederevo on strike

Around three hundred workers employed in Turkish factory Kaizen in Smederevo started a strike yesterday demanding to receive promised reimbursments for overtime labour.