Construction workers from India are protesting in front of the city administration headquarters in Kraljevo

According to Kraljevo online, 42 construction workers from India are protesting in front of the seat of the city administration in the center of Kraljevo: sitting quietly on the sidewalk, they ask to be allowed to return home. These workers were hired via "Nikolić" construction company, which has already attracted media attention earlier this year precisely because of the dissatisfaction of workers from India.

Construction workers from India say that they haven’t received salaries for several months, that they are hungry and that they want to return to India, writes Kraljevo online. Some of them held messages such as: “No food, no water” and “Company not given proper food from last 15 days”.

The City Administration in Kraljevo confirmed for Mašina that the workers are still present on the plateau in front of the administration headquarters, but they were unable to tell us whether the City will somehow help these people.

Construction workers from India have been coming to Serbia for several years, where they get engaged on various construction sites through “Nikolić” company. The latter brings them in cooperation with the American company “IDEA Capital LLC”.


The construction company “Nikolić” refused to comment on the protest of workers from India for Mašina.

Earlier this year, Istinomer informed about the poor working conditions on the construction sites where the company “Nikolić” sends workers from India, about their strike, as well as the legality of hiring these construction workers.


Translation from Serbian: Iskra Krstić

This article was originally published in Serbian on August 19, 2020.


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